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Cartoon Rabbit

Introducing the Cartoon Rabbit 3D Model – Bring a burst of animated charm to your projects with this delightful Cartoon Rabbit design. Created with meticulous attention to detail, this 3D model encapsulates the whimsical essence of a lovable cartoon character. Perfect for a wide range of applications, from animations and illustrations to 3D printing projects, this design adds a touch of playful personality to any creative endeavor.


Triangles: 44
Quads: 3.6k
Total triangles: 7.2k
Vertices: 3.8k
Textures: 0
Materials: 9
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

Adorable Design: The Cartoon Rabbit 3D model boasts an irresistibly cute and endearing appearance, making it a versatile addition to various projects.
Versatile Applications: Ideal for use in animations, children's book illustrations, and 3D printing projects, this model adapts seamlessly to diverse creative purposes.
High-Quality Detailing: Each element of the Cartoon Rabbit is intricately designed, ensuring a high level of detail and visual appeal.
User-Friendly Format: The model is available in a user-friendly format, making it accessible for both seasoned 3D artists and those new to the world of 3D design.
Instant Download: Purchase and download this Cartoon Rabbit 3D model instantly, injecting a dose of whimsy into your creative projects without delay.

Elevate your designs with the playful charm of this Cartoon Rabbit 3D model. Perfect for creators seeking a touch of animated magic, this design is set to captivate and inspire. Purchase now and infuse your projects with the endearing spirit of this charming cartoon character!