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Koffing Pokemon

Dive into the world of Pokemon with our meticulously crafted Koffing 3D model design. This intricately detailed model captures the essence of the mischievous Poison-type Pokemon, featuring the iconic skull and crossbones gas clouds. Ideal for Pokemon enthusiasts and 3D artists, this design is perfect for a range of creative projects, animations, or as a unique addition to your Pokemon collection. The source file is formatted for universal compatibility and is ready for 3D printing adventures, allowing you to bring Koffing to life in the physical realm. Elevate your creative endeavors with this exclusive Koffing Pokemon 3D model design.


Triangles: 88
Quads: 4.3k
Total triangles: 8.7k
Vertices: 4.5k
Textures: 0
Materials: 5
UV Layers: Yes