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Ford Transit Custom Van

Introducing the Ford Transit Custom 3D Model Design – Immerse yourself in the world of realistic digital design with this meticulously crafted 3D model capturing the essence of the Ford Transit Custom. Ideal for architects, automotive enthusiasts, and 3D artists, this model offers a detailed and authentic representation of the popular commercial vehicle.


- Triangles: 26.9k
- Quads: 539.4k
- Polygons: 128
- Total triangles: 1.1M
- Vertices: 614.1k
- PBR: No
- Textures: 3
- Materials: 16
- UV Layers: Yes
- Vertex colors: Yes

Key Features:

- Precision Engineering: Every detail, from the distinctive front grille to the cargo space, is expertly recreated for an accurate and lifelike representation of the Ford Transit Custom.
- High-Quality Textures: Crisp and high-resolution textures enhance the visual appeal, ensuring a realistic and immersive experience in your digital projects.
- Versatile Applications: Perfect for architects planning commercial spaces, automotive designers visualizing fleet graphics, or 3D artists seeking realism in their virtual environments.
- Ease of Integration: Available in standard 3D file formats for seamless compatibility with various design software and platforms, making it easy to incorporate into your workflow.
- Commercial and Personal Use: Suitable for both commercial applications and personal projects, adding a professional touch to your visual content.

Whether you're crafting a realistic urban scene, showcasing commercial graphics, or simply expressing your appreciation for automotive design, the Ford Transit Custom 3D Model Design is your ticket to unparalleled realism. Elevate your digital creations with this versatile and detailed 3D model.