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Apple iPhone 14 Pro Mobile Phone

Introducing the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Mobile Phone 3D Model Design – Elevate your digital projects with the epitome of sleek technology. This meticulously crafted 3D model mirrors the sophisticated design of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro, capturing its sleek contours, vibrant display, and premium finish. Ideal for digital artists, app developers, and tech enthusiasts, this model is meticulously detailed to showcase the device's cutting-edge features.


Triangles: 2.5k
Quads: 35.1k
Polygons: 19
Total triangles: 72.9k
Vertices: 41k
PBR: Metalness
Textures: 42
Materials: 13
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

High-Fidelity Detail: Every curve and nuance of the iPhone 14 Pro is faithfully reproduced for an authentic representation.
Versatile Applications: Perfect for a range of projects, from app development presentations to visualizations of the latest in mobile technology.
Realistic Textures: The model includes realistic textures that mirror the premium materials used in the actual device, enhancing the visual appeal.
File Compatibility: Available in industry-standard file formats for easy integration into various 3D projects, animations, or virtual environments.
Professional Presentation: Impress clients and audiences with a professional-grade 3D representation of the latest Apple flagship smartphone.

Stay on the cutting edge of digital design by incorporating the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Mobile Phone 3D Model into your creative repertoire. Whether you're showcasing apps, designing marketing materials, or simply celebrating the beauty of technology, this model provides the perfect visual foundation. Grab yours now and let your creativity shine!