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Wireless Headphones | Beats

Introducing the Wireless Headphones - Beats 3D Model Design – Elevate your virtual projects with this meticulously crafted 3D model capturing the essence of sleek and stylish Beats wireless headphones. Immerse your audience in the details of modern audio technology, from the comfortable over-ear design to the seamlessly integrated controls.


Triangles: 510
Quads: 76.6k
Total triangles: 153.7k
Vertices: 78k
PBR: Metalness
Textures: 6
Materials: 1
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

Sleek and Stylish: Embrace the iconic Beats aesthetic, featuring a modern and fashionable design that stands out in the world of wireless headphones.
Detailed Design: Every curve and contour has been carefully modeled to replicate the real-world elegance of Beats headphones, ensuring a high level of realism in your virtual environment.
Functionality in Focus: Showcase the headphone's intuitive control features, making it perfect for presentations, animations, or any project where attention to detail is crucial.
Versatile Usage: Ideal for a variety of applications, from product visualizations and advertisements to gaming environments, providing a touch of sophistication to your creations.
File Compatibility: The model is available in a universally supported format, ensuring easy integration into your preferred 3D software for hassle-free customization.

Upgrade your virtual experience and add a touch of audio luxury with this Wireless Headphones - Beats 3D Model Design. Elevate your digital content and captivate your audience with the modern elegance of Beats headphones. Available for sale on various marketplaces, this design is your ticket to delivering a premium virtual audio experience.