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Mercedes Sprinter 2021 (Red)

Introducing the meticulously crafted 3D model of the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 Van in a striking red hue, now available for purchase on Cults3D. This high-quality source file is a true testament to precision and attention to detail, capturing the essence of the iconic Mercedes Sprinter with unparalleled accuracy.


Quads: 252k
Total triangles: 503.9k
Vertices: 263k
PBR: Metalness
Textures: 15
Materials: 5
UV Layers: Yes
Vertex colors: No

Designed with the utmost realism in mind, this 3D model is an ideal choice for enthusiasts, professionals, and artists seeking a versatile and visually stunning asset. Every curve, contour, and intricate detail of the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 has been faithfully recreated, ensuring a seamless integration into your projects, simulations, or visualizations.

The source file is compatible with a variety of 3D software, allowing for easy customization and adaptation to suit your specific needs. Whether you're working on automotive visualizations, animations, or simulations, this Mercedes Sprinter 2021 Van 3D model provides a solid foundation for bringing your creative vision to life.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your 3D projects with the timeless elegance of the Mercedes Sprinter 2021 Van in a captivating red finish. Elevate your designs and presentations with this meticulously crafted 3D model, available for download now.