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Boy Toy

Introducing the "Big Boy Toy" 3D Print Model Design – Redefine your collection with this charismatic and playful 3D model. Crafted with attention to detail, this design captures the essence of a whimsical "Boy Toy," combining charm and character in a unique and visually engaging way.

Height: 397mm
Width: 214mm


Quads: 63.1k
Total triangles: 126.2k
Vertices: 63.9k
Textures: 0
Materials: 9
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

Expressive Design: The "Boy Toy" 3D print model showcases a charismatic character, exuding personality and flair. Perfect for those seeking a touch of playfulness in their 3D print collections.
Print-Ready: Designed with 3D printing enthusiasts in mind, this model is optimized for a seamless printing experience. Simply download, print, and bring this charming character to life.
Versatile Usage: Whether for personal enjoyment or to add a distinctive element to your creative projects, the "Boy Toy" is adaptable to various settings, making it a standout addition to your 3D print portfolio.
High-Quality Detailing: Fine detailing and intricate features ensure a visually captivating and high-resolution 3D print, making this model a standout piece in any collection.
Instant Download: Gain immediate access to the "Boy Toy" 3D print model upon purchase, allowing you to kickstart your printing adventure without delay.

Add a touch of charisma to your 3D print repertoire with the "Big Boy Toy" model – a unique and delightful creation that promises to bring joy to both your printing experience and the final result. Download, print, and showcase this charismatic character in your 3D print collection today!