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Nisan NV200 (Red)

Introducing the meticulously crafted 3D model source file of the Nissan NV200 Van, a versatile and iconic vehicle. This highly detailed model captures the essence of the NV200's sleek and practical design, perfect for enhancing your architectural visualizations, simulations, or gaming projects.


Triangles: 13.2k
Quads: 241.2k
Polygons: 56
Total triangles: 495.8k
Vertices: 256.3k
PBR: Metalness
Textures: 14
Materials: 5
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

High-quality polygonal model with precise attention to detail.
Realistic exterior, including accurate proportions and intricate surface details.
Well-organized source file compatible with major 3D modelling software for easy integration into your projects.
Clean topology and efficient UV mapping for straightforward texturing.

Whether you're creating urban scenes, transportation simulations, or showcasing commercial spaces, this Nissan NV200 Van 3D model provides a realistic and versatile solution. Elevate your designs with the sophistication and functionality of this popular vehicle, and let your creativity drive with this exceptional 3D asset.