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Mewtwo Pokemon

Embark on a journey into the extraordinary with our meticulously crafted Mewtwo Pokemon 3D model. Designed with unparalleled attention to detail, this rendering brings to life the iconic features of Mewtwo, the Psychic-type legendary Pokemon.


Triangles: 114
Quads: 9.5k
Total triangles: 19.2k
Vertices: 9.6k
PBR: Metalness
Textures: 9
Materials: 3
UV Layers: Yes

Key Features:

Intricate Detailing: Every nuance of Mewtwo's distinctive form, from its sleek armor to the formidable tail, has been intricately sculpted for an authentic representation.
Versatile Integration: The model is crafted in a universally compatible format, ensuring seamless integration into a variety of 3D projects, animations, and gaming environments.
Ideal for Collectors and Creators: Perfect for Pokemon enthusiasts and 3D artists seeking to elevate their creations with the legendary aura of Mewtwo.
Print-Ready: Whether for digital projects or tangible creations, this model is optimized for both virtual scenes and 3D printing, allowing you to manifest Mewtwo in the physical realm.
Marketplace Exclusive: Elevate your design portfolio with this exclusive Mewtwo Pokemon 3D model, available for purchase on leading marketplaces.

Capture the essence of Mewtwo's power and mystique in your creations. Dive into the extraordinary world of Pokemon with this captivating 3D model, destined to be a prized asset for collectors and creators alike. Explore the limitless possibilities and make Mewtwo a focal point of your digital or physical ventures.