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Butterfree Pokemon

Introducing the Butterfree Pokémon 3D model source file, a meticulously crafted and highly detailed representation of the beloved Butterfree. This 3D model captures every intricate detail of the iconic Pokémon, from its delicate wings to its vibrant colors. Perfect for fans, collectors, and 3D printing enthusiasts, this source file allows you to bring Butterfree to life in the digital realm or in the physical world through 3D printing.


Quads: 11.3k
Total triangles: 22.6k
Vertices: 11.4k
Textures: 6
Materials: 3
UV Layers: Yes
Vertex colours: No

Whether you're a Pokémon enthusiast looking to expand your collection or a 3D artist seeking a captivating project, this Butterfree Pokémon 3D model source file is your gateway to an immersive and enchanting 3D printing experience. Download the file today and embark on a journey to create your very own Butterfree masterpiece.